Welcome to In Synch PT

Established in 2011 to provide a more comprehensive approach to physical therapy that takes into account each client’s body’s whole life experiences.

As we go through life, insults to our bodies (such as birth delivery problems, falls, impacts, “minor” sprains and tweaks—you name it) cause changes in our postures, neural pathways, and movement patterns. While in the short term our symptoms often go away, eventually such changes result in persistent problems, not necessarily where the underlying insults occurred. Whether in the form of an inflamed or degenerating joint, a strained muscle or ligament, an inflamed or torn tendon, an irritated nerve, or a loss of motion or function, such persistent problems usually need to have the underlying insults identified and treated for an optimum result in terms of time, money, and duration.

To address each individual’s unique history and goals, In Synch PT customizes each treatment session with osteopathic manual therapy and integrative exercises. Techniques include joint release, soft tissue release, and muscular re-education. Our goal is to have you moving better every time you walk out our door.