First Visit Forms

The first and fourth forms must be completed and brought to your first appointment. The second form must also be completed and brought to your first appointment if you intend to seek insurance reimbursement. The third form is for your review before signing the fourth form. 


How do I become a patient?

You can reach In Synch PT by email ( or phone (206.375.3616). State that you are a new patient looking to schedule an initial appointment and include the name of the person who recommended us to you, if applicable. If you use email or reach voicemail, please include your contact information. During your call, or via message, we will ask for your availability for appointments and a brief description of why you are seeking our services.  Our goal is to schedule you as soon as practicable, with a 90-minute initial visit at a time when follow up appointments are available (to ensure continuity of treatment).

Once you are scheduled for your initial appointment, be sure to download and complete all applicable forms located on this website’s First Visit page. Note that you will need to contact your insurance company by phone prior to your initial appointment if you plan to use insurance.

Do you take my insurance?

In Synch PT is a contracted provider with select insurance companies. Call or email us (206.375.3616, for current Insurance status. Please use the Insurance Benefits Questionnaire (First Visit Form 2) to determine your health plan’s benefits with respect to In Synch PT, and bring it, completed, to your first visit. If In Synch PT is not a contracted provider for your health insurance, please bring payment to cover the fee for service to each visit. Visa and MasterCard (credit, debit, HSA, FSA), American Express, checks, and cash are accepted.

Do you take Medicare?

In Synch PT is not a provider for any government-funded programs such as Medicare or workmen’s compensation.  We are not able to handle any motor vehicle accident injuries or contingency arrangements.  Medicare patients can only be seen if all physical therapy benefits have been exhausted for the current year and Physical Therapy is no longer a “covered service.”

What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

Your PT referral (if required)

Your completed First Visit forms

A blank downloaded copy of your insurance company’s medical claim or reimbursement form (if you intend to seek reimbursement)

Suitable clothing—shorts or exercise tights please—no jeans!