Stephen (Steve) Thompson

is In Synch’s physical therapist. Because it takes time to understand your body as a whole and give you the most effective and efficient service, he devotes a full hour to each patient visit. You can expect a thorough evaluation and discussion of your problems, as well as treatment visits that differ depending upon how your body is responding. He uses a variety of hands-on techniques that he has studied indepth over the years to help restore motion and, with it, your body’s ability to renew itself. He also teaches home exercises tailored to speed up the rehabilitation process. Ordinarily, you will feel improvement beginning at your very first visit.

Steve received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Dartmouth College and his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Washington. To learn the latest developments in treatment and to enhance his skills, he has continually pursued further education by participating in seminars taught by experts in the fields of osteopathy, physical therapy and athletic training, including offerings of the URSA Foundation and Kinections.

His own experiences with numerous injuries helps him understand what you’re going through and help you reach your rehabilitation maximum. He has recovered from knee pain (running), Achilles tendonitis (cycling), back pain (downhill skiing), a separated shoulder (mountain biking fall), sacroiliac joint dysfunction (cross­ country skate skiing), “frozen” shoulder / impingement (ski fall), and an Achilles tendon rupture (tennis).

Thanks to physical therapy, he continues to enjoy all of the activities above.