“I was referred to Steve by four friends who each said that he’d helped them make remarkable progress in overcoming their respective ailments. At the time, I’d been diagnosed with bone spurs, labral tears, arthritis, and impingement in my hip. I was scheduled for hip surgery and was in enough pain that I was actually looking forward to it. Now, I find that hard to imagine. Thanks to Steve’s treatments, I’m virtually pain-free. He’s helped me find new ways to exercise and even suggested dietary modifications to maintain my condition. I’ve happily cancelled my surgery and hope never to need it.”

Elizabeth C.

“This experience was transformative for me. I came in for chronic shoulder pain, and Steve helped me to understand how this pain was related to other misalignments in my body–but more importantly, he could fix them: I feel that I have a much better understanding and awareness of my physical self.” 

Kristy L.

“Steve was the healthcare provider that finally delivered lasting results after years of trying different alternatives. I injured my neck snowboarding, which resulted in nagging shoulder, arm, and wrist problems. I worked with my physician, other PT’s, and a chiropractor over the course of several years with little improvement. Steve was the one who correctly identified the root of the problem and delivered lasting improvements. He did this via hands-on treatment, a carefully designed workout routine for me to follow, and observant coaching as I learned the necessary exercises. Very effective and highly recommended.”

Doug H.

“I first saw Steve when I was training for my first half marathon. Steve worked with me to get me in the best shape possible and taught me great exercises to treat the knee pain I was experiencing. I really appreciated his outlook on wellness and his approach to treating the whole body system. I returned to Steve the following year when I decided to train for my first full marathon. He was an essential part of my training team, encouraging me to stick to my goals and helping me strengthen my body so I could finish the run. I highly recommend working with Steve – his sense of humor, positive outlook and treatment plans made physical therapy both fun and rewarding.” 

Christy T.

“I was referred to Steve five weeks before I had to move to care for aging family members. I could walk only with the aid of a walking stick, and my knee was in continual pain. A recent MRI report stated my kneecap had been dissolved by arthritis. Steve’s easy-going demeanor and complete attention to helping me become well worked. By the time of the move, I was walking without my walking stick, and pain was down 80%. I am able to help care for my family. I have continued to benefit from his gentle, manageable exercise program. Today I walk completely pain-free, with no support. The knowledge that Steve possesses applied to my complex needs was effective, a precious gift that brought freedom and health to my body and to my life. He is a brilliant physical therapist.” 

Crista S.

“I met Steve two years ago on the recommendation of my Pilates trainer.  His treatments for osteoarthritis in my lower back were amazing.  I have returned for other problems, most recently for a fracture of my right tibial plateau.  For this traumatic injury, Steve worked wonders with his incredible knowledge of not only the body but also of the mind.  It is a total experience that is a gift received for anyone who comes to his practice.  Thank you Steve!” 

Pat W.

“I am a high school athlete. When I hurt my back I called Steve before I was off the court. He took care of me efficiently and carefully, and coached me thru my recovery. I would not have been able to compete at State without him!” 

Cello L.

“Steve was the best PT/practitioner I have had. I’ve been through several PT/MDs who could not help alleviate my pain.” 

Dawn E.

“I was referred to Steve several years ago by a friend who had been referred to him by a friend via another friend via still another friend.  In my circle, there were a number of long-suffering people, with privileged access to health care, who weren’t getting relief from assorted medical providers, until they went to Steve for care.

Three years ago, I suffered from knee, calf and back issues. Once one got better the other one seemed to go lame. A chiropractor, masseur, and acupuncturist were not solving my issues.  I didn’t want to get hooked on pain pills.  Finally, I took the plunge and went to see Steve.  I never understood how his treatments, or his exercises worked, since the networks of the body are still mysterious to me, despite Steve’s patient attempts to explain them. But the pain did go away.

This year I injured myself again while hiking on a rugged trail in Mexico. Although I chalked it up to old age, my symptoms kept worsening.  Again I went to see Steve. And again I am back on my feet and feeling great.  He sent me away with a simple exercise to help maintain my current fitness.  I recommend him to everyone I know who is having physical troubles.” 

Jeff H.